Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is 242-hectares of residential apartments in Dubai, for which we provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and civil works.
During our initial onsite inspections, we found buildings to be unoccupied and in poor condition. We conducted a comprehensive asset condition survey, and based on the results designed a corrective action maintenance programme to bring the state of the buildings back to acceptable standards. We then designed a PPM schedule to maintain and continuously improve the level of maintenance quality.
To maintain the client’s full business continuity, we fast-tracked PPM schedules, deploying high-tech equipment to identify and rectify snags and defects within reasonable timeframes. This allowed the client to lease the properties far sooner than would otherwise have been possible.
By configuring HVAC system controllers to shut off during off-peak hours, and replacing lighting systems in the common and basement areas with energy-saving devices, we have significantly reduced the client’s monthly DEWA bills. We have achieved savings of up to 29% through modifications to frequency control units, air handling units, lighting and water systems.
We currently have a number of other possible solutions under study across various assets. We are working with a sustainable business partner to introduce a performance-based contract for environmental solutions, bringing the client guaranteed returns on sustainability investments.