Our People


At Inaya, we are all about our people. Our strength lies in our highly motivated team who go beyond the boundaries of contractual obligations to deliver exceptional services to our clients.

With over 700 people from diverse backgrounds working throughout our portfolio for a range of clients and in a variety of roles, they are by far our greatest asset.

We believe that the key to keeping our employees happy is to genuinely care about them. That’s our golden key that unlocks the doors to a happy workplace with happy employees serving happy customers.

Being a people-oriented company, we ensure the following:

1. Provision of safe working conditions for all employees
2. Exceptional performance is recognized and rewarded
3. Respect, value and empowerment of employees
4. Invest in employee training and development
5. Provide career development opportunities
6. Encourage employees to extend their attitude of service to the people and community we serve.