Seaside Tower

Project     :  Sea Side Tower                                                                              

Client       :  Blue Lake Properties

Sea side tower is the state of the art building on Reem Island which is a natural island 600 meters off the coast of Abu Dhabi island. Sea side tower is a 30 storey tower having 300 spacious apartments.

Key Aspects

Contract Start - 2015
Contract End - Current
Emirate - Abu Dhabi 
Location - Reem Island
Facility type - Residential
Size/built-up area   - 220 hectares
Contracting model   - TFM 

Scope of service

  • Management of Integrated Facilities Services
  • Facilities Services to Building Common Areas and Community Areas
  • Engineering Services (HVAC, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, Building fabric Maintenance and Premises refurbishment)
  • Specialized ELV systems Maintenance
  • Potable Water tank cleaning
  • Fire alarm system Maintenance
  • Conduct Daily MEP inspection & Report Submission
  • Elevator Maintenance Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Landscaping and Irrigation Systems and infrastructure Services.

Additional services

  • Asset management
  • Condition survey
  • Helpdesk
  • Procurement and subcontractor management