The Gardens

The Gardens

Project     - The Gardens

Client       - Nakheel PJSC

Consisting of 129 low-rise buildings of 3,828 apartments of one, two and three bedrooms, The Gardens is designed for a lifestyle of convenience and tranquillity, with lush landscaped gardens, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools, 'on-call' 24-hour maintenance and patrolling security. 

Key Aspects

Contract Start - 2011
Contract End - Current
Emirate - Dubai
Location - Jebel Ali
Facility type - Residential
Size/built-up area: - 220 hectares
Contracting model   - Integrated facilities management

Scope of services

  • Management of Integrated Facilities Services
  • Facilities Services to Building Common Areas and Community Areas
  • Engineering Services (HVAC, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, Building fabric Maintenance and Premises refurbishment)
  • Specialized ELV systems Maintenance
  • Potable Water tank cleaning
  • Fire alarm system Maintenance
  • Conduct Daily MEP inspection & Report Submission
  • Elevator Maintenance Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pest Control Services

Additional services

  • Asset management
  • Condition survey
  • Helpdesk
  • Procurement and subcontractor management

Addressing challenges and introducing value-added factors

  • Taking over the contract at short notice, it was essential that we should mobilise manpower and resources as quickly as possible to ensure the client’s business continuity. Our contractual mobilisation time was 60 days. Far exceeding the client’s expectations, we mobilised in just 45 days from award of contract, and with limited transition from the previous contractor.
  • Based on the priority assessments INAYA conducted during takeover, we identified that cleaning in common areas had been well below standard. To address this we commissioned 150 people to bring these areas up to the mark before implementing our ongoing routine cleaning program.
  • Through our condition assessments, we identified other areas where we could swiftly implement improvement initiatives. Tiles in apartments were warping due to expansion and contraction. We used special silicon to solve the problem and avoid costly tile replacement. We also identified tile stains on the floors within common areas. Once again, we used special cleaning chemicals to removed stains and avoid costly tile replacement.
  • One particular challenge we came across was the cleaning of parking lots, as the road sweeper couldn’t pass through the walkways. Here, we innovated through technology by introducing a hydraulic robotic arm vacuum to access these areas.