Dragon Mart Mall

Dragon Mart Mall

Project     - Dragon Mart Mall

Client       - RetailCorp Mall LLC

Key Aspects

Contract Start - 2013
Contract End - Current
Emirate - Dubai
Location - Hatta-Al Ain Highway
Facility type - Wholesale and retail
Size/built-up area: - 161,4000sq feet
Contracting model   - Integrated facilities management

Scope of Services

  • Management of Integrated Facilities Services
  • Facilities Services to Building Common Areas and Community Areas
  • Engineering Services (HVAC, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, Building fabric Maintenance and Premises refurbishment)
  • Specialized ELV systems Maintenance
  • Potable Water tank cleaning
  • Fire alarm system Maintenance
  • Conduct Daily MEP inspection & Report Submission
  • Elevator Maintenance Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Landscaping and Irrigation Systems and infrastructure Services.

Special system maintenance

  • Firefighting equipment and fire alarm maintenance, FM 200 fire suppression system maintenance and Fire extinguisher hydrostatic testing
  • Chilled water chemical dosing services and Microbiological laboratory testing services
  • Street lighting and utilities maintenance
  • 3rd party elevator and escalator inspection certification
  • Automatic doors maintenance
  • Water fountain maintenance

Additional services

  • Asset management
  • Condition survey
  • Helpdesk
  • Procurement and subcontractor management

Addressing challenges and introducing value-added factors

  • Within three days of being awarded the contract, INAYA mobilised onsite to take over from the previous contractor that had left at short notice. After securing the client’s full business continuity we soon put full technical documentation in place, which we had found to be absent when we took over the contract.
  • Within the first six months of mobilisation we achieved 5% reduction in utility consumption, mainly by re-commissioning the BMS and controlling set points of various air handling units and chillers. Despite the challenges involved, we conducted this in peak summer – the time that we took over the contract and discovered problems with the chiller system. By creating a condition report immediately on mobilisation, our expert technical team got to the source of these issues from the outset and immediately carried out the necessary adjustments to the set points with no further delay.
  • In line with INAYA’s environmental plan, on taking up the contract we conducted a major restoration of the chiller system by re-commissioning compressors, replacing condenser coils and other aged parts. We also replaced the existing metal halide lamps with energy-saving LED lamps. This provided immediate energy and cost savings.